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About me

May Peace be upon you,

Welcome to NeezaNeedles Handcrafted Babywearing Online-shop!

I am Neeza, a very proud mother of 3 kids. I love babywearing!! Sooo deep in love, with my little skills, Alhamdullillah, I began to make my own carriers and can't stop right after that. Hence, this little shop: providing my handmade babywearing gears to help keep babies close to their parents. All carriers are designed and entirely handcrafted by me in my so-called sewing laboratory with an infinite amount of LoVe. 

We've been operating from home since 2010. All participating sewing spaces are clean, and animal-free. Every carrier is a unique one-of-a-kind. All our carriers is about aesthetically charming, comfortable, and functional. We are passionate about creating designs that will be out grown, not out worn, carriers that can be handed down and enjoyed by more then one kids. We are continual progress therefore we appreciate any feedback be it positive or negative as we want to provide better products and better service for you.

If you’re not looking into purchasing anything, feel free to visit our portfolio at our Facebook FanPage: NeezaNeedles or Instagram: NeezaNeedles.

Btw, I've given talk about an introductory to babywearing, which included topics like the benefits of babywearing, types of carriers, and tips on successful and safe babywearing at major parenting event: Minggu SusuIbu Melaka 2012 and Great Cloth Diaper Change Event 2013, as weel as private groups: Women Club at FRIM. Thus, I am available to conduct talks about babywearing to your place, insyaAllah.

Feel free to contact me for details:

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