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When learning to tie your carrier practice with a doll, then have an adult to help you when you tie it on with your baby till you master it. Do it by the couch or other soft surface when you try it with your baby. Check the steps in a mirror. Always keep one hand on your baby when putting in or taking out of the carrier and support baby when you bend over.

Always check your Mei Tai before using for any signs of damage or wear and stop using when you find any. Mei Tais made of fabrics. All fabrics breaks down with use and washing which you can delay with proper care, but can't stop completely. Think about your favorite jeans! Mei Tais not a hand me down baby items.

Be aware of your surroundings! Baby can grab and pull down things, stick arms/legs out and bump them in doorways, furnitures.

Tuck away extra hanging straps. Always make sure baby is not smashed against your chest or back, and has adequate airflow.

Please always use common sense when wearing your baby. Safety is your responsibility.

NEEZANEEDLES Mei Tais are made with the utmost care and attention to safety. This being said, it is also important to consider safety when wearing your baby. Your hands will be your number one tool to help support your baby and should always be used while getting used to carrying your child or wearing your sling. You will probably find that you instinctively keep a free hand on the baby and will thereby be sensitive to his or her movements or shifting weight. You should be seated and focused when using your carrier for the first time and when trying new positions or holds. It important to be remain conscious of the fact that your child is attached to you at all times and adjust your activities accordingly .

To keep your child safe there are some important things to remember when wearing your sling:

1. While wearing your sling you should be very careful when bending over. You should never bend at the waist, instead bend at the knees. Even when bending at your knees you should hold your child in the sling with one or both hands.

2. Doing housework while carrying your child is a one of the things that makes baby carrying so convenient. Not all jobs should be tackled while wearing your baby however. For example, be careful wearing your child while in the kitchen. There are dangers in the kitchen from which your child needs protection.

3. While preparing or cooking food you should never wear your child. Don't wear your child near a stove or knives, and don't try to do the dishes while wearing your child unless he or she is in an appropriate rear hold or carry.

4. It is safe to wear your child while eating, but there are some precautions you should use: Do not drink hot beverages when wearing your child and be careful when eating hot food that it does not fall or transfer to your child which could cause burns.

5. When working on project or handywork you should never use sharp or hot objects glue guns, utility knives, etc.

6. Both infants and toddlers can be carried in baby carriers. Toddlers pose a different hazard because they can grab and reach. Dangerous or breakable objects on shelves or counter-tops should be an arms distance or more away from child's reach.

7. As you move through your home and any building you must be aware of the distance between objects and your child. When going through doorways or around corners, be careful that your child's body does not stick out past your arm and strike the wall or door jam.

8. Do not ride a bike or other moving vehicle while wearing your child. You should not walk on treadmill, stair climber, or any other moving equipment.

9. Do not try to iron while wearing your baby in a front hold position.It's your baby in there, and your responsibility to keep them safe.

10. These baby carriers are not substitutes for an approved carseat. Thus, do not wear this carrier while driving.

Make sure you use your sling carefully. Responsibility for the safety of the child is held by the person using the sling and not NEEZANEEDLES Mei Tais.

This carrier is safe as long as you follow instructions and use common sense.

Please examine carrier before each use and discontinue using if it's damaged. Please exercise extreme care and caution while wearing your baby! By purchasing the Mei Tai you assume responsibility for the safety of your child. I assume no responsibility for the misuse of or occurrences related to the misuse of this carrier.

If you do not agree to these terms please do not buy this carrier.



To extend the life of your Mei Tai carrier, avoid machine washing if not neccessary, as frequent washing break down the fibers and weaken the fabric. Spot cleaning recommended whenever possible. If you choose to machine was your Mei Tai, please do so on gentle cycle in cold water and line dry. Remove promptly from washer, do not let the damp carrier stand in it. If possible, use a mesh bag or pillow case to avoid strap tangling. I do not recommend using a dryer.

Spot cleaning your carrier will be the easiest. If you need to wash the whole carrier, hand washing is recommended. Line dry and steam iron. Do not place your buckle carrier in the dryer.

If you have silk on your carrier, you Must hand wash your carrier on cold and line dry. You might want to use a color catcher if you have silk, since silk bleeds.



If you are not satisfied with your carrier, please contact me. I'll do my best to resolve the situation. I accept returns within 10 days after receiving carrier in clean and unused, unwashed condition in original packaging from the original buyer. I refund the purchase price (shipping is not refundable). Please contact me before returning for authorization.

Sorry, no returns on custom or altered items.



Within one year after purchase, I repair your carrier if needed. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or anything that might happen to the custom fabric provided by the customer. Warranty applies to construction work and fabrics provided by me. After the first year I do the repair for a small charge. Shipping is paid by the customer.

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